Meet the Team


Sonia Maceluch


After 25 years of perfecting the skill of painting flowers in watercolour, I had a flash or splash of inspiration! While working on re-vamping conference rooms, I wanted to inject some colour and came up with the idea of producing artwork, using balloons filled with paint and using scrubbing brushes. This then progressed using toothbrushes etc in future commissions! 
Hobbies: Knitting, walking and gardening. 
Favourite holiday destination: Holkham, Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

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Split Splat Splot™ would like to thank: Steve Gale of for his patience and photography. Alison Gregory of for her patience and support in putting this website together. Fellow artists and friends Joy, Jenny and Gill for their company and support over the years. Too many to mention!

Introducing the members of the Team, who carry out their roles for the ‘Love of It’.




Meet Bertie (Wundai Blade Runner) our Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer.  He will guard and protect me from anything, including my husband! That is when he isn’t on my lap or waiting for his tummy to be rubbed. (I mean the dog, not my husband).
Hobbies: keeping clean and out of the wet!, Going on organised Schnauzer Walks, walking with his mates, putting his toys in a straight line. 
Favourite holiday destination: North Norfolk beaches. 

Bertie on Holiday



Dave's primary job is to walk and play with Bertie plus maintaining Bertie’s good looks by taking him to the groomer. When off duty, Security Maintenance likes to read the paper, if Bertie will allow. 
Hobbies: watching local Rugby and Football Teams and anything sporty. Favourite holiday destination: Brancaster, Burnham Ovary Staithe and Poland.

Dave & Bertie on holiday



Alice makes sure Sonia is up to speed with social media! (It’s an age thing). When off duty, Alice and her husband raise funds for the Hibbs Lupus Trust. For more information visit or you can see what she is up to by following #TeamAlice on Facebook. #TeamAlice is a small group of friends and family, who raise money to fund research to find a cure and to support people like Alice who now has this disease. 
Hobbies: Knitting, organising events watching her local Rugby team the Wasps. Favourite player - Ashley.
Favourite holiday destination: Weymouth and a toss-up between Mexico and New York.